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Chinese Herbal Medicine in San Antonio

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the main form of treatment for diseases and internal organ conditions in China,  Taiwan and Japan. Herbal remedies are used to address the presenting symptoms as well as the root cause of the symptoms.  Chinese herbs  help fortify the body to regain its ability to provide balance and wellness.

The Herbalist will prescribe a combination of individual herbs that address the unique condition and needs of the individual.  All herbal medicines are made from natural ingredients.

How are Herbal medicines taken?

The herbs are taken orally and most come in a powder or in pill form. Some come as raw herbs and  made into a hot tea.

Does Herbal Medicine have side effects?

Side effects from herbal medicine are rare when taken as prescribed by a trained Herbalist. 

Does Chinese Herbal Medicine interfere with Western medication?

Herbal medicine is made from natural ingredients and rarely interfere with other medications. However, it is better to take these herbal medicines  2 - 3 hours apart from Western medication.